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Snapshot of my self titled CD cover year 2000
Newspaper article promoting my tour & performance "It's a shoe thing" 2001
Billboard Ad promoting DCE 2002
Article about me that reads "Definitely not the next spice girl" 2001
Article in NY Footloose mag right next to Rob Lowe 2001
"Songstress takes step forward with song about shoes" article in 2001
#92 on Country music Top 100 chart in 2001, stayed there for 10 months!
My first radio station tour 2001, starting in Ontario Canada
Top left photo of me & famous film/TV composers. A member of the Guild of Canadian film/TV composers.
A co-write session with Wendell Ferguson who toured with Shania, Willie Nelson etc.
Local article that read " Trained in Opera, she's taking on Shania"
Posing for camera, about to perform on live TV while on tour in Alberta Canada
Stage shot performing for Earth Day
Top 300 most played mainstream artist in Europe along with music review.
I am speaking in an interview here, surrounded by photos of film royalty (Sofia Coppola & Quentin Tarantino)
My song 'Baby Blue" was being considered for the Chicago film soundtrack, once Richard Gere heard it, he took my CD & he sent me an autographed photo.
A photo of my client Grandpa Munster & the real Grandpa Munster - uncanny!
Above, a Billboard Ad promoting DCE, below, the late Lou Rawls & I discussing recording a Jazz work I wrote for his next CD.