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"Highly recommended! Danie is a true professional and will produce impressive results!"

Justyn Brodsky
Audio Production at Saturday Night Live (SNL) 
NBC Universal, Inc


"Credible, reputable, have had the pleasure of working with Danie on multiple occasions"

Craig Parks
Entertainment Attorney
Toronto, CAN


"Danie Cortese Entertainment's PR & publicity skills are a great compliment to our in-house team. The reason we have hired Danie to work for our high profile clients on multiple occasions."

A & R Dept.
Sony Music


"DCE has promoted numerous of our "America's Got Talent" finalists. Trust the process. Take Danie's advice.
She is thorough, detailed & goes up & beyond, with regards to communicating with her clients. She is one of us, a musician - composer - former artist & songwriter. That speaks volumes in understanding our needs."

Warner Music Publishing
The Netherlands


"If I was younger & you were older Danie, I would have selected you as my personal agent. Class is not made, you are born with it." 

The late Frank Sinatra
New York


"Who would have known that when I booked you at 4 years old we would meet again & I would become your personal Hollywood manager/agent. I always told you that if you did not open your business in 2001, I would have left my business to you, along with my long list of Hollywood celebrity clients. Well done kid!"

The late Gino Empry
Agent to the stars (50 years plus)
Toronto, CAN


"DCE did a fantastic job on our radio promotion! Worldwide exposure!"

Greg Lightle
The Sandra Good Band


"I have had a great business relationship with Danie of DCE International since 2010. Danie is a very efficient & knowledgeable music publicist/promoter. She sincerely cares about all of her clients & their projects as if they 
were her own. This translates into passion & good will. She is honest & direct with her feedback. It's all about teamwork at DCE."

Tomas Brabec
Music Producer

"You've been a great help Danie, it's been a pleasure working with you"

Ribkat Music Group

"In today's music industry, just getting someone to listen to your art 
is beyond the struggling artist's ability. You need a team of committed 
personnel who believes in you & who have the ability to "kick in" the 
proverbial doors that need to be kicked in. DCE is that team and if you 
got the "stuff" Danie will blow down the walls that stand in the way. 30 
countries with nationwide play in 5 of those counties after struggling 
for 7 years.....Lust Boys offer their thanks and gratitude to you 
Danie....you are truly awesome!....keep Rock'n...cause we'll keep 
bringin it!"

Joe Sunstrum,
Master Joda Promotions,
Lust Boys Manager

"You always do a Great Job, Danie, MERCI!" (7 time return client)

Denis Levaillant
Pianist - Composer


"Thank You for all that you have done for us!"

Tom Voris
The Fabulous Rudies
California, USA


"Danie's work for HT Entertainment was impeccable and we will be using her company again to build an even greater following of DJ's & Media support." 

Year first hired: 2011 - Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative." 

Rodrick Weston 
President of HT Entertainment South


When on the receiving end of Danie's expertise in promotional services, you soon realize that she impressively delivers a high level of professionalism touted among the testimonials from many she has promoted. She's a straight-up 'boss' who's personal attention to your project is well balanced with leadership that earns your trust. Top Qualities: Great results, expert, high intefrity" 

Rutledge Productions


"DCE is an excellent company where artists/clients are treated with total respect. Fully support it in every way."

Marios Avraam
Program Director - DJ
Inspiration Radio FM


"I was sitting in obscurity -- with my lovingly crafted songs but no audience. Through Danie's encouragement and hard work, I am now getting radio airplay, reviews, interviews, and finally connecting with folks who appreciate my music. Danie has taken me to the threshold of exciting new possibilities and I can never thank her enough!"

... but I'll try....


Andrew Corbett


"Your team is great! And the CD requests keep coming in from radio stations across the U.S., EU, and Australia."

Bruce Gibson


"I was just thinking about what I am most thankful for this morning & your smiling face came to mind. Thank you again for all that you do and for helping to get me the radio spot with Virgil. I had a blast doing it & just appreciate your work so much!!!!"

Janie Lidey
Grammy & Emmy winner

Janie is a third time return client with us!


"Safe to say, my music would not be where it is today- receiving International airplay – without the help of Danie Cortese. She is so good at what she does, & I value her insights immensely. She understands what it’s like to be a songwriter & she really cares about each of her clients. She has a knack for giving practical business advice in a gentle way. I am SO grateful for her help, expertise, & inspiration."  

Marion Walsh
Alberta, Canada

Marion is a 5th time return client with us!


"Danie, this latest promotion is up and going as smooth as silk (Normal for you). We are still getting adds from the last promotion which is way cool. Your suggestion of staying in front of the station managers, program directors and dj's is really starting to payoff.

In a business where there are folks lined up with promises of anything you want to hear, for any amount of money you're willing to pay, it is refreshing to find a professional whose performance consistently exceeds all expectations.

It has been a pleasure since you have become our promoter, we can now turn our attention back to and focus on the music. We know you have it covered!  
Here's to our continued, long-term working relationship."

T-Bill and Suzie Sterling
Tall Timber


The following: 6 pages of testimonials we have received from just some of our wonderful clients since 2001. Click on each page for more. Thank you for your interest!