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"Danie, thank you very much. I appreciate your great efforts on my behalf!"

Ken Greves
Jazz Cat Productions, Inc.


"It is such a pleasure working with Danie and her staff! Their integrity, their professionalism and the superb quality of their work is indisputable. Danie has answered all of my questions honestly and I feel very comfortable having the fate of my music in her hands. Thank you so much Danie and Sheila for being so encouraging and for your hard work!"

Jean Laughlin - IL, US


"I have been very happy with you and your staff. I have been particularly big time happy with your honesty Danie. Over the years, I have met too many people with questionable integrity in this business. It is nice to do business with someone like you who definitely has integrity. So thank you!"

Rich Chambers -  BC, Canada


"Danie, you have been very professional through the process and I have no doubt that you will work hard and give us every opportunity for success."

Eric Long
On These Airwaves (Band)


"I truly appreciate how on top of things you are Danie. I have the utmost confidence in you, which allows me to feel very comfortable about our working relationship. It's very refreshing and I am very optimistic about our future endeavors."

George Bouchard
North America


" I heard from Danie via my own web site. I decided to let her work her magic. Because I too believe with risks come rewards. The day my promotional press release had gone out to radio stations, I wondered how long I would have to wait for any kind of reply, thinking that it would be months. Within hours, there were 5 US radio stations wanting a copy of my CD to play on their station. Next thing I knew I was on the charts at #15 alongside the biggest names in the music business. Brilliant work. Thank you Danie and staff."

Neil Dunnachie 
Scotland, UK


"I think Danie was my father in a previous life...lol.....She cracks the whip at times but she knows her stuff." 

Glenn French - CT, USA


"Danie Cortese and her organization are very nice individuals to work with and will do their best to make certain that you as an artist or band are represented well. Danie will do what is expected and that, at the very least, will give you the chance as an artist to be heard by not just people, but the right people. Thank you Danie and thank you to your staff for all of your hard work."

Casey Dilworth - MN, USA


"I have recently worked with Danie's company for the promotion of my music. Both she and her staff have been courteous to respond to all of my inquiries immediately, while working with them.
Danie has offered me excellent music and publicity advice. My new myspace music page was Danie's recommendation & the hits on it continue to soar from interested parties, due in large part to the work that she & her staff have done for me."

Craig Sonnenfeld - MA, USA


"When I first read Danie's favorite statement 'With risks come rewards', I knew the rewards were with her. Her enthusiasm is undeniable. She's the greatest! Thank you Danie and thank you to your incredible staff."

Anna Combs - USA


"I love working with Danie. She clearly knows her stuff, is supportive and brings a fun-loving touch to a serious endeavor and the results are becoming clear that she is a force in this arena. After just 4 days of a recent radio release, my webpage hits have jumped considerably. I'll be taking Danie and Sheila out for a fine dinner when I receive my first royalty check!"

Dan Weintraub - VT, USA


"Danie Cortese Entertainment is one of the most professional organizations I have ever worked with in 25 years of working as a professional musician and composer. She and her team are warm, courteous, encouraging, and quick to respond in any situation. They are all a pleasure to work with and I couldn't be more pleased to be associated with them. Thank you Danie and Staff!!"

Eleonor Sandresky - NY, USA


"Danie's sheer professionalism &  hard work have made me very glad that I sent her an initial email, asking for advice."

Ebenus - Artist -  London, UK


"We left Oprah's publicist to work with you, Danie!"

Kountree Boys Entertainment - Management Team - USA


"Danie Cortese - "Starmaker"

Shawn Glynn - Artist - Canada


You all do OUTSTANDING work. I couldn't be more pleased with the result. Thank you all so much.

James Gilbert - Singer/Songwriter - NY, USA


"Thank you for all of your assistance, Danie"

The Roscoe Project - Canada


"Our artist Terell is making some noise on the charts and on International radio!"

DAT Boyz Entertainment - Management Team - USA