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"I am very happy to support your artists, your music is great and well suited to our genre of listeners."

Helen Nikolich
Station Manager
World Radio 6EBA-FM 95.3


"Gosh!  What a resume Danie, you're a real heavyweight!"

Josh Needleman
The Pine Needles


"Danie, you have never sent me a bad album. Thank you! My listeners think you're great." Tune in to listen to MFR 2 here:  www.mfr.co.uk 

Jeff Jones
Music Director
Bauer Radio LTD


"Danie Cortese Entertainment is providing excellent music publishing and promotion for many artists. HNR is honored to be their industry partner and is enchanted by DCE's artists. We very much appreciate what Danie Cortese Entertainment does to support their artists and it reminds us of the previous Narada spirits."

DJ Haru
HNR ( Happyday Newage Radio)
South Korea


"Thank you for all of the great music you have sent us and I hope we can continue this arrangement in the coming year."

Kay Howick
Music Director
Bay FM 1003


“When Danie Cortese first contacted me on MySpace, I wasn't sure who she was, but her professional manner intrigued me, even though we only communicated over email. I was enticed to enjoin her services for music promotion. I wasn't sure if she just did this for everyone who published material on myspace, but she assured me that she felt my music was uniquely worthy of promotion, so I decided to trust her. I went along with her program and within four months I had received an award for being on the Top 100 International charts. It's hard to know for sure in this business, but I believe that Danie's hard work and connections in conjunction with my having a fairly decent product produced some fairly spectacular results. And, even though I had put a rather large amount of work and money into promotions on my own, I rather doubt that I would have achieved those results without her help. So I am very thankful to Danie, and I truly feel that anyone in a similar situation as myself would be doing themselves a favor by hiring Danie as a publicist.”

Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock


"With Risks come Rewards": " This is the first thing you will learn while working with Danie. This has been an amazing experience and opportunity. The 1st two phases of our relationship has been a blessing. I really wasn't sure of what I was getting myself into but I am proud to say that I am so glad I made that leap.  The privilege of working with someone in the industry that is so well connected, that I can pick up the phone and call is a God send. I am very grateful."

David Whitley
Germany, Europe


" I have enjoyed working with Danie Cortese Entertainment on two separate International radio campaigns and a promo to film. We are currently progressing in planning my next "blast off". What I appreciate most is the connections to DJ's and industry contacts worldwide. It is beneficial to my small company, which is totally busy producing music. Danie Cortese Entertainment offers musicians polite, responsive, and well respected representation."

Merrill Collins
Musician/Composer/Business Owner


"All recording artists should know that it is very important that the word is spread about their music. Danie Cortese & her staff are in contact with radio & film industry from all over the world. From the very start, Danie has been courteous, efficient & professional. It is important to note that she was a professional musician & recording artist herself. It has been less than a month since the beginning of her publicity process for my music & I have already received good positive results from radio programmers & station managers from several countries worldwide. As a publicist & a truly knowledgeable one, Danie & her staff come highly recommended by me. They are first class!"

Bill Thurman (#TonyBennett, #AlGreen, #SmokeyRobinson, #JackBenny)
Professional Musician/Songwriter


"I contacted Danie Cortese Entertainment to see if they could be of service to me in regards to getting me airplay. Well.....I can tell you that with their contacts and immense data base, they were able to get me airplay on hundreds of radio stations world wide. Air play means exposure and that means more people are going to be aware of my existence, which in turn sells my music. Danie Cortese will take care of your promotional needs - she has a ton of options. I have hired her firm on three different occasions."

Steve Mann
Film & Television Supervisor ( 175 FILMS!! )


"On behalf of my artist and my label: You and your team are doing a fantastic job! Keep the requests coming and I am sure we will continue doing business together." 

Jeff Hawkins (Owner)
Tacit Records


"I have worked with DCE on 2 separate occasions and I've been very happy with their services. She and her staff are very prompt, professional and know how to push musical projects. We have been yielding good interest in the US and overseas for our media promotion. In regards to her film and TV promo, unlike other services which will negotiate for you and then take half of your licensing, DCE will allow you to set the terms for your own licensing and Danie will assist you 'free of charge' if need be with some advice, that was a big selling point for me!"

Mike Rawluk
Songwriter - Film & TV composer